Engine: VInline 6-cylinder 8 litre overhead cam | Transmission: 3-speed manual | Bodystyle: Cabriolet deVille

Marque and model history: Hispano-Suiza was a French luxury car manufacturer with Swiss and Spanish roots. Their first car was launched in 1904, and by the 1930s car manufacture ceased. Known for their precise engineering and high performance, much of the credit for the popular H6 series cars (launched in 1919) is given to the Swiss aviation engineer Marc Birkgit. This aviation influence is seen in the all aluminium construction of the H6 engines and light alloy brake drums. Subsequent improved versions were named the H6B and H6C, with larger capacity and more powerful engines.

The chassis were dispatched to various luxury coachbuilders to be bodied as per the customers specifications. While mostly French coachbuilders were favoured, leading English coachbuilders were also employed. Bodies ranged from sporty roadsters and grand tourers to luxurious limousines. Hispano-Suiza cars remain amongst the most sought after of luxury cars for collectors worldwide.

Provenance: This regal Hispano-Suiza is coachbuilt by H.J. Mulliners with a Cabriolet deVille body, and delivered new to the Maharaja of Alwar in 1927. It is fitted with customized gun carrying cases to be used for shikaar expeditions. He owned atleast 10 of these fine cars, preferring them over other luxury cars like Rolls-Royces, which were infact cheaper to buy.