Engine: Inline 6-cylinder 8.0 litre overhead valve | Transmission: 4-speed manual | Bodystyle: Tourer

Marque and model history: The Bentley marque was founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, one of the greatest automotive engineers. They built exclusively high performance grand tourers and sports cars. In 1930 an all new super luxury car was announced, the 8 litre. State of the art technological advancements included a magnesium alloy engine block, twin spark ignition and an overhead camshaft. Capacity was an enormous 8 litres. However given the very high price and the looming great depression, just 100 cars were made, of which an astonishing 78 cars survive – a testament to their superior engineering.

Provenance: Our 1931 8 Litre is chassis YF5014. Starting out as with sports saloon coachwork by Arthur Mulliner, the car was rebodied in India in 1950s to an open tourer configuration. It remains one of just 2 cars in the country.