Engine: Inline 6-cylinder 1.3 litre overhead valve | Transmission: 4-speed manual | Bodystyle: Tourer

Marque and model history: The MG marque today is almost a century old, and its origins are inextricably linked to the Morris marque. Morris Garages was originally a sales and service centre for Morris cars owned by Lord Nuffield. The manager at the works, Cecil Kimber tuned Morris Oxford cars for higher performance with sportier upgrades, and soon the MG name came to be synonymous with sporty small high performance motorcars. The brand has changed many hands over the years, and boasts a wide range of iconic models built. The MG marque is active even today.

In the early days of the company, MG launched a new model called the F-Type 12/70 or ‘Magna’. It featured an extended version of the D-Type chassis mated to a new 6 cylinder twin carburetted engine from the Wolseley Hornet. These attractive cars were offered in varying sporty bodystles.

Provenance: This rare 1931 MG F-Type Magna was first sold to Jodhpur, and remains in original condition. It is the only car of its type in India.