Engine: Inline 6-cylinder 3.5 litre overhead valve | Transmission: 4-speed preselector | Bodystyle: Cabriolet

Marque and model history: Starting off as an arms manufacturer, Hotchkiss et Cie had operations in Saint-Denis, Paris. Their badge proudly showed a pair of cannons across each other, in tribute. Known for making sporty and luxurious cars, Hotchkiss cars won the Monte Carlo rallies on multiple occasions in the 1930s and 40s.

One of their best selling models was called the 686, launched in 1936. Featuring a powerful six cylinder engine, these models continued to be produced after the war as well. Power was transmitted via a novel pre-selector Cotal transmission, employed by other luxurious European manufacturers as well. Twin carburettors could be specified for the Paris-Nice models. A number of factory body styles were available, as well as coachbuilt options.

Provenance: Believed to be the only car of its kind in the country, this 1939 Hotchkiss was bought new by the Ranisaheb of Nandgaon.