Engine: Inline 6-cylinder 4.1 litre side valve | Transmission: Fluid Drive semi-automatic | Bodystyle: Convertible Coupe

Marque and model history: Automotive industrial pioneer Walter P. Chrysler founded the marque bearing his own name in 1925 after a long stint with General Motors. His cars bore many industry firsts, with a strong focus on technological upgrades. The modern wheel rim and all round hydraulic brakes were popularized by Chrysler before becoming industry norms.

The Chrysler Corporation would go on to have sub brands like Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouth but Chrysler was always positioned above these being the flagship. Post WW2 a new line of cars were launched, borrowing heavily on the outgoing 1942 models. The Windsor was the mid level trim below the larger New Yorker. A smooth, comfortable ride and exceedingly refined operation were Chrysler hallmarks, combined with the convenient ‘Fluid Drive’ semi automatic transmission. This especially made Chrysler cars a joy to drive. Bodystyles available included 2 and 4 door sedans as well as 2 door convertibles, all of various configurations.

Provenance: This rare convertible Chrysler is one of just a couple of survivors in India. Originally from Jaipur, this Chrysler was acquired later on from Ahmedabad, and is used for special occasions to ferry guests at the Museum